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My Life of Art

My first living sculpture from Green Beards Living Woods and I’m interested in what the world thinks of my art work. I’m currently working on a sea turtle and planning on starting a frog for my next project so what do you think of this guy. I’m preparing him for a photo to be submitted to the Epcot flower and garden festival 20/20. A fresh photo of it’s growth will be posted the 29 Th. of this month my submission photo must be in by or on the 31 st. For the 20/20 festival I think it’s a fine piece of art work but for now the day after Christmas happy holidays everybody. Well I absolutely believe that this is a form of art. Me being an Artist goes back as far as third grade , I flip my math test over in third grade opened up a book from the school library and free handedly I drew a deer laying down in the brush with the baby dear my teacher watched me as I drew this picture of coarse I was the kid with his desk up in front of the teachers desk. Well when I finish the picture Mr. Stokes got up took my picture and said come with me at that time I thought he was taking me to the principals office I remember walking by the office and wondering where we were going. He took me to the high school part of the school which was Everglades high school in Everglades city Florida Where we went into an art class and I remember him handing my picture to the art teacher and saying I just watched this kid draw that picture. I remember the teacher being surprised didn’t say much but he was surprised of what Mr. Stokes told him a couple of years in later fifth grade, Shadowlawn Elementary School had an art contest this was a all elementary school I completely blew the whole contest away. So around the same time I entered a art contest from a comic book I’m sure a lot of people remember the pirate head the turtle head and the mouse head, well I did the pirate head and at 11 years old I gave the picture very realistic features a couple of months goes by or so I really don’t know I was at the age of 25 when I asked my mom whatever happened about that art contest I entered when I was a kid , mom told me they received a letter accusing us of cheating literally saying there was no way a eleven year old kid could have drawn that picture. 20 years later in my early 30s my aunt Marilyn and uncle Charlie had a discount dollar store that had gator dollars or coupon money well the owner of the franchise was coming in to view the store that my aunt and uncle were opening my aunt had asked me to drawl a picture of a gator holding gator money so I drew this big musclebound alligator standing up on his back legs holding gator money. The gator on the dollar was drawn up just like George Washington with the hair and suit it was pretty cool. They wanted me to drawl the picture to have printed on the bags for customers merchandise. Well the owner of the franchise said it would cost too much money to change the logo of course the logo was a little comic character of himself so that didn’t go very far but it was a really cool picture I then grew away from drawing That was the only picture I have drown as an adult , about three or four years later I entered a art contest where there was 15 grand prize winners and I could not understand why I didn’t win one of those 15 grand prizes well it was for a radio station and I was supposed to put in the stations logo it really was One of the best pictures in the contest and the way I bring the colors out in the pictures I draw is really outstanding they could’ve stuck the logo in there for me LOL but I was supposed to include it, both these pictures the gator and the art contest took me 40 hours to draw a piece I had really grew To hate drawing at this point but on the positive side my living sculptures is my artwork now I hope people like them